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Affordable Batteries in Mareeba

Batteries For Every Application



Batteries for Every Application


Bruno’s Batteries is your local battery expert and supplier in Far North Queensland. We’ve been supplying batteries for all purposes since the founding of our business in 1958.

Now a third-generation, local family-owned business, we continue to pride ourselves on quality, affordable batteries and friendly customer service.

You’ll reliably find the batteries you need at the best prices at Bruno’s Batteries. We stock general purpose batteries, batteries for cars, trucks, tractors, watches, mobile phones, boats, cameras… the list goes on.

We even carry batteries for our mates out on the mining sites, in the agricultural industry and throughout the commercial sector in FNQ.

We sell batteries. We test batteries. We install them. We have chargers for your batteries. We’ll order in your special batteries.

We sell jump-start kits. In fact, our Jump Start Service is legendary in Mareeba. We will rush to get you jump-started in town, then help fix your ailing battery situation without delay, right here in our workshop.

At Bruno's, all our batteries come with a nation-wide warranty!

But not everything is about batteries at Bruno’s Batteries.
Battery — Bruno's Batteries in Mareeba, QLD
You will also find our Outback Solar and Outdoors business at our Byrnes Street location in Mareeba. Here, we will look after your solar power needs and more. We have innovative products for communication, security and mobility use.

Visit us at Outback Solar and Outdoors during business hours, including Saturday until noon.

And when you need an exceptional local sparky, we have a highly-skilled and qualified electrician on-hand.

Don’t hesitate to call if you’d like to know more about any of the above mentioned products and services.
Our batteries are backed by a nationwide warranty. We stock batteries to suit more than 15 categories, including automotive, camping, marine, home, phone and computers.
Test and install
We test and install solar panels, solar regulators, battery systems, and a range of other electronic products. And you’ll get an installation discount thrown in with any of our Outback Solar and Wind products.
The quick repair you’re looking for often involves replacing a battery. This is not always as easy as it sounds. At Bruno’s Batteries, we make light work of changing out batteries in watches, phones, mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, golf buggies, UPS, and more.
Do the right thing when a battery dies. Proper recycling is incredibly important. Heavy metals and toxic chemicals are involved. We recycle batteries, including lead-acid batteries, right here at our facility at Bruno’s Batteries in Mareeba.
Jump Start
Our Jump Start Service is a local legend in Mareeba. If you're at a standstill in town, we'll rush to get you jump-started. Then we'll get your ailing battery situation fixed pronto, right here in our workshop.

You might even like to get a jump-start kit for yourself, while you're here.
Why Choose Us?
Get your batteries at Bruno’s Batteries in Mareeba. We’ll help you power up your electronic devices, your cars and boats, and a whole lot more.

We are also a centre for solar power products and services.

Being a local, family-run business with our low overheads, our prices won’t be beaten.

A licensed electrician is also on hand for all your electrical needs.