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Bruno's Batteries in Mareeba Saves You Money


You will find your batteries at Bruno’s Batteries in Mareeba. If we don't have your specialty batteries in stock already, we’ll get them in for you, pronto.

Our stock of batteries goes way beyond your average general purpose batteries. We have batteries for all types of vehicles, including dual-battery systems.

We have batteries for the mining industry, agricultural machinery and batteries for the commercial sector. Batteries for boating, camping and glamping are here, as well as deep-cycle batteries for more demanding duties.

Your digital devices are all covered—computers, phones, cameras, watches too.

Don't worry about where to find the battery you’re needing. Get in touch with us at Bruno’s Batteries.

About Our Batteries


We no longer hand-make our batteries but when Bruno started this business, that’s exactly how he did it.

The family business Bruno started continues to this day. Now in the hands of his 3rd generation descendants, we uphold Bruno’s singular focus on providing quality portable power.

Batteries may have become more sophisticated but the need for them remains singular.
Car battery — Bruno's Batteries in Mareeba, QLD
Different battery types — Bruno's Batteries in Mareeba, QLD
We’re always keen to stock the batteries most needed—for remote controls, digital devices, crazy gadgets and computer equipment, including UPS devices. We will happily source specialty batteries for your electronic paraphernalia, and quickly.

At Bruno’s, batteries will be included.

We opt for Australian-made quality where possible but quality will always come first with all of our batteries. All our batteries come with full nation-wide warranties.

Our long-standing relationship with battery suppliers is what keeps our prices so low.

Battery for automotive and marines — Bruno's Batteries in Mareeba, QLD

Batteries for Automotive & Marine

We sell batteries for all kinds of vehicles—cars, 4WDs, trucks, buses, caravans, motor homes, motorbikes, ride-on mowers, golf buggies, you name it. And then there's our big stock of batteries for boats and marine use. If we don’t have the batteries you're looking for already, we’ll waste no time getting them in for you.
Battery for camping — Bruno's Batteries in Mareeba, QLD

Batteries for Camping

Come to Bruno’s before you go off-road. Get fresh batteries for your camping adventure. Everyone will be happier and safer with torches and lamps that work. And engines that start. We stock batteries for camping, caravans and 4WDs. While you’re here, grab spare batteries for your cameras and phones.
Other batteries — Bruno's Batteries in Mareeba, QLD

What About Other Batteries?

We offer batteries for just about everything that requires them—cordless phones, health devices, computers and laptop devices, smoke alarms, remote controls, office gadgets, entertainment appliances, and toys. Get in touch if you’re unsure if we can supply the batteries you’re needing.
Battery recycling — Bruno's Batteries in Mareeba, QLD

Do You Take My Old Batteries?

Recycling batteries is important because heavy metals and toxic substances are involved. At Bruno’s Batteries, we operate a safe recycling service for batteries, here in Mareeba. Bring your dead batteries in so they can be disposed of properly, with no threat to the environment.